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Diamatic & Sports

Regardless of the sport  that you practice, there is always more to it than just  having talent and stamina. Apart from these two things you also need good equipment such as clothing, shoes and other accessories in order to perform to your maximum potential.
In the construction industry it is exactly the same! Apart from workmanship, working with good equipment is paramount in order to achieve the best end result.
Diamatic has invented and named the different Dialeague product lines based on this comparison and vision. With our range of diamond tools from Dialeague, you are able to work quickly and precisely. For this reason the IAAF Diamond League, an annual athletics competition, was a big inspiration during the naming process for the different product lines. Looking at the Diamond League the different disciplines within athletics can be compared with the Dialeague product lines, such as the Jump-, Triple Jump-, Javelin- and Short track-line.
It is probably clear to you, we at Diamatic are passionate about sport. We like to help out athletes to perform as well as possible. We do this by offering sponsorships to athletes so that they can get the clothing, accessories and training materials they need. In the past year we have helped  many athletes already and we hope to keep doing this for years to come.