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The Diamatic BDC-1330 dust collector is a larger, more powerful version of the BDC-1220. Made from a traditional metal body, the BDC-1330 offers the same rugged toughness as the BDC-1220, but with greater performance and suction, the BDC-1330 dust collector is ideal for all applications, especially grinding. 
360 rotation

  • Innovative dust collector with strong metal body work.
  • Standard equipped with an M-class star filter.
  • High capacity dust collector with 3 dust extraction motors.
  • Ideal for medium grinders, shot blasters and scarifiers.
  • For safe, dust free and perfectly clean job sites.
  • Heavy duty equipment, designed for continuous use.


The BDC-1330 dust collector is designed for all types of applications, particularly where toughness is important, it is ideally suited for use with medium size shot blasting, grinding, polishing, and scarifying machines. To receive more information about our dust collection systems, contact Diamatic today.
Technical Information
Dimensions W / L / H 600 x 795 x 1.300 mm
Weight 67 kg
Motor power 3kW / 230 V single phase / 50Hz & 60Hz / 16A
Dust extraction motors 3 independent motors
Filter M-class star filter
Cleaning Manual shaker on top
Dustbin capacity 50 liters
Dust hose inlet Ø 51mm / Ø 76mm
Airflow 7500 l/min
Suitable machines Medium size grinders, shot blasters and scarifiers
10m Suction hose Ø76 005014
20m Suction hose Ø51 004583
M-class star filter CF40000492
M-class star filter PTFE CF32400327
M-class star filter PTFE-ant-static CF32400329
Mobile nozzle 400mm width CF722029
Mobile nozzle 500mm width CF722147
Aluminium hand grip 50mm CF722025
Chromed hand grip 50mm CF722122
More tools On request