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The Diamatic BG-180EC concrete grinder is specifically designed for edge and corner grinding and polishing applications. Diamatic BG-180EC is especially designed to allow operators to process corners and edges whilst in a standing position, which makes life more comfortable, to work easier and faster.
BG-180EC single disc grinder is dust free when connected to the appropriate Diamatic dust collection system. Diamatic has designed a full range of concrete grinders and diamond products, which gives the opportunity to process any floor and specific application.
360 rotation
  • Closed circuit which is dust free, when connected to an appropriate Diamatic dust collector.
  • To be used with standard cup wheel Ø 180 mm.
  • The grinding arm is vertical adjustable and can be switched to the left or right.
  • Grinding head is protected by a rubber buffer.
  • Ergonomic design and user friendly control panel.
  • Ideal machine for a perfect and fast finish of small to medium jobsites.
  • Heavy duty professional equipment 230V, easy to plug in on every jobsite.
  • Easy to transport, ready to work.


The BG-180EC concrete grinder is perfect for those applications that require quality edge and corner grinding or polishing, such as industrial flooring, concrete surface preparation, decorative flooring and much more. The BG-180EC has several optional grinding discs for use in specific applications. To receive advice or training about concrete grinding and polishing or to find the best products for your surface preparation applications, contact Diamatic.
Technical Information
Working width Ø180 mm
Motor 2,2kW / 230V - 50Hz / 16A - Single phase
1,5kW / 110V – 50Hz & 60Hz / 32A – Single phase
Working speed 2200 rpm
Weight 58kg
Dimensions (L / W / H) 1300mm / 430mm / 1000mm
Drive system / speed Manual / N/A
Working direction Forward (push)
Application Concrete / Stone / Asphalt / Elastic materials
Personal safety features On request / See manual
Dust collector BDC-1220
Ø180 diamond cup wheel BG707107BL – Designed for soft floors / materials.
BG707108GR – Designed for medium floors / materials.
BG707106RD – Designed for hard floors / materials.
Ø180 PCD cup wheel BG707198 – Designed to remove elastic materials.
Ø180 turbo cup wheel E01401 – Medium bond with a special segment pattern, for a more even grinding surface.
10m suction hose Ø51mm 004583