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The Diamatic BMG-580PRO is a medium sized triple head grinder which is standard equipped with speed control. The BMG-580PRO is designed for various sizes of horizontal surface preparation applications. It is an ideal machine for companies dealing with removal of coating, concrete grinding or polishing applications.

The BMG-580PRO triple head grinder is dust free when connected to the appropriate dust collection system. Diamatic has designed a full range of triple head grinders and diamond products, which give the opportunity to process any floor and specific application. 
360 rotation

  • Closed circuit which is almost dust free, when connected to an appropriate Diamatic dust collector.
  • 3 planetary rotating discs Ø 185 mm.
  • Heavy duty frequency drive.
  • LCD screen for all required information, such as amperage and rotating speed of the diamond tools.
  • Double protected emergency stop.
  • Separate drive system for central rotation and 3-disc planetary distribution.
  • User friendly and comfortable to use with low vibration.
  • No risk of underground deterioration.
  • Can work even in places with high hygiene and safety standards (food, pharmaceutical, medical industries)
  • Perfect for decorative floor applications.
  • Convenient for dry and wet applications, indoor, outdoor.
  • Floating shroud with brush for every application.
  • Many optional tools, which are easy to change because of the patented DIAMAG system.


The Diamatic BMG-580Pro triple head grinder is designed for surface preparation before coating, concrete grinding and polishing, cleaning and removal of coatings, paint, thin glues and much more. The BMG-580Pro is also ideal for use with industrial flooring applications, concrete preparation, and decorative flooring. To receive advice or training about concrete grinding and polishing or to find the best products for your surface preparation applications, contact Diamatic.
Technical Information
Working width Ø580 mm
Motor 7,5kW / 400V - 50Hz / 15A – 32A connection
Working speed 350 – 1100 rpm
Weight 285 kg
Dimensions (L / W / H) 1990 mm / 580 mm / 1140 mm
Drive system / speed Manual / N/A
Working direction Forward (push)
Applications Concrete / Stone / Marble / Asphalt
Dust collector BDC-1330LPP (pulse cleaning) /
BDC-3140LPP (pulse cleaning)
DIAMAG adapter plate E07185
DIAMAG Blue grinding wings BG707321 - 18 / 20
BG707322 - 30 / 40
DIAMAG Green grinding wings BG707311 - 18/20
BG707312 - 30/40
BG707313 - 60/80
BG707314 - 120/150
DIAMAG Red grinding wings BG707301 - 18/20
BG707302 - 30/40
BG707303 - 60/80
BG707304 - 120/150
DIAMAG PCD grinding wings BG200997 - PCD split grinding wing
BG200999 - 2 x 1/4 PCD grinding wing
Resin dots Sets / On request
Cutter plate BG300118
10m suction hose Ø76 mm 005014
Personal safety features On request / See manual