Diamatic Benelux
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The Diamatic BMG-780PRO is ideal for the grinding of large surfaces because of it's 3 planetary rotating discs with a diameter of 240mm. The BMG-780PRO is userfriendly and comfortable to use because of the low vibrations. It can be used for heavy and soft surfaces like Concrete / Stone / Marble / Asphalt. For more information download the datasheet below.  
360 rotation

  • Closed circuit which is almost dust free, when connected to an appropriate Diamatic dust collector.
  • 3 planetary rotating discs 240 mm.
  • Heavy duty frequency drive.
  • LCD screen for all required information, such as amperage and rotating speed of the diamond tools.
  • Double protected emergency stop.
  • Separate drive system for central rotation and 3-disc planetary distribution.
  • User friendly and comfortable to use with low vibration.
  • No risk of underground deterioration.
  • Can work even in places with high hygiene and safety standards (food, pharmaceutical, medical industries)
  • Ideal for heavy duty industrial flooring applications.
  • Convenient for dry and wet applications, indoor, outdoor.
  • Floating shroud with brush for every application.
  • Many optional tools, which are easy to change because of the patented DIAMAG system.  




Technical Information
Working width Ø780 mm
Motor 15kW / 400V - 50Hz / 29,5A – 32A connection
Working speed 400 – 1200 rpm
Weight 436 kg
Dimensions (L / W / H) 2110 mm / 780 mm / 1250 mm
Drive system / speed Manual / N/A
Working direction Forward (push)
Applications Concrete / Stone / Marble / Asphalt
Dust collector BDC-1330LPP (pulse cleaning)/ BDC-3140LPP (pulse cleaning)
DIAMAG adapter plate E07240
DIAMAG Blue grinding wings BG707321 - 18 / 20
BG707322 - 30 / 40
DIAMAG Green grinding wings BG707311 - 18/20
BG707312 - 30/40
BG707313 - 60/80
BG707314 - 120/150
DIAMAG Red grinding wings BG707301 - 18/20
BG707302 - 30/40
BG707303 - 60/80
BG707304 - 120/150
DIAMAG PCD grinding wings BG200997 - PCD split grinding wing
BG200995 - 1 x 1/1 PCD grinding wing
Wet & Dry resin tools Sets / On request
Cutter plate BG300117
10 m suction hose Ø76 mm 005014
Personal safety features On request / See manual
DIAMAG Black grinding wings BG707341-1
DIAMAG Bush hammering plate E07455 (Incl. tools)
Front– Transport wheels E07200
Watertank complete E08707
Support handle E07096