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The Diamatic BMP-335GHY is a heavy duty scarifier and planer ideally suited for large applications, it's increased weight allows it to generate more efficient scarifying action. BMP-335GHY is the Diesel version of the BMP-335EHY and its the answer to the largest scarifying applications.
360 rotation

  • Closed circuit which is almost dust free, when connected to an appropriate Diamatic dust collector.
  • Heavy weight for increased scarifying performances.
  • New: drive system equipped with a pedal. Machine can drive on power without a working drum.
  • When motor is on, machine is moving forward automatically, no need to push it.
  • Adjustable braking device, lateral drum loading.
  • Micrometric and memorized adjustment of the working depth: no underground deterioration.
  • Variable speed, forward & backward motion.
  • User friendly design, comfortable to use with low vibrations, easy to manoeuvre.
  • Several optional cutting tools for each different application.


BMP-335GHY is the heavy duty answer for large scarifying and planing applications. It has a double action, micrometric adjustment of the working depth to eliminate risk of underground deterioration, to receive advice or training about scarifying or to find the best products for your surface preparation applications, contact Diamatic.
Technical Information
Working width 335 mm
Scarifying capacity Up to 150m²/h on concrete
Motor power 7,5kW / Diesel
Working speed 1000 rpm
Weight 360kg
Dimensions (L,W,H) 1400mm / 605mm / 1075mm
Drive system / speed Hydraulic / 1-15m/min
Working direction Forward (push)
Applications Concrete / Stone / Asphalt
Dust collector BDC-1330LP / BDC-1330LPP / BDC-3140LP / BDC-3140LPP
Drum complete (axel Ø22mm) with original cut MPD335-522L24S
Drum complete (axel Ø22mm) with milling cutt MPD335-522L29S
Drum complete (axel Ø20mm) with full TC mill MPD335-620L60S
Refill kit with original cutters MPL24S335-5
Refill kit with milling cutters MPL29S335-5
Refill kit with full TC milling cutters MPL60S335-6
15m Suction hose Ø76 005014
Personal safety features On request / See manual