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Diamag's Quick Release System

Diamag specializes in developing grinding and polishing tools that are made from the highest quality material. Diamag has a wide range of different diamond tools, to fit almost any application.
All Diamag products consist out of 100% synthetic diamond particles. These synthetic diamonds are regular, consistent in size and crystal shape, which gives a vastly improved cutting ability and life span for your diamond tools. 


Diamag's quick release system is especially designed to replace or remove diamond tools or resin dots from the adapter plates ,without using any tools, like hammers, screws, etc.
If you have any questions about our products or if you need advice relating to a specific project you are working on, please contact us, we would be happy to help you!



Because of the especially designed heat resistant magnets and fixation pins, the diamond tools are fixed onto the plate, but can still very easily be removed or replaced by hand. The Diamag adapter plates can fit on any Diamatic 3-headed planetary grinder. the biggest benefits from the new revolutionary and patent pending Diamag quick release system, are:
  • Time saving and user friendly system.
  • No possibility of disconnecting of wing during heavy duty operation or transportation.
  • No damage to the diamond segments because there's no use of any tool.
  • All Diamag diamond wings, available at Diamatic, fit on the adapter plates.
  • Adapter plates fit on all Diamatic 3-headed planetary grinders.
  • Fit on almost every machine and equipment from other brands.


The Different Parts

To use the Diamag grinding system you only need the Diamag adapter plate and the Diamag diamond wings. Both of these items are available at Diamatic.


Placing The Wing

To place or remove the Diamag diamond wing or resin dot from the Diamag adapter plate, you only need your hands without the use of any other tool


Click & Grind

Because of the special magnets the diamond will click on the adapter plate. Because of the special pins the wing is completely fixed.


Make Your Choice

Either you have to change the color or the grit sizes of the wing or resin dot, after a few seconds you can start working on your job again!
E07155 Ø155 mm
E07185 Ø185 mm
E07230 Ø230 mm
E07240 Ø240 mm
E07270 Ø270 mm
E07305 Ø305 mm