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Weka DK 17

The electric Weka drills are made out of high quality materials. They are especially designed to last for a long time. Most of the time the drills are used by professional companies in Europe, America and even Asia. But even professional handy men use Weka drills.


  • The DK 17 has 3 speed gears. Therefore the drilling speed is easily adjusted.
  • The drill has an overload clutch. Whist drilling , a lot of kinetic energy is created. If, for any reason something goes  wrong, all this kinetic energy is released. This clutch protects the user, the drill and the equipment.
  • The new electronic system starts the motor by means of a soft-starter. This  soft-starter and the thermal protection  avoids  a start up peak. This system avoids overload conditions and increases safety, the operators comfort and the motors life time. 
  • The DK17 is specially designed for dry drilling. Because of its design, a dust collector is easily connected.
  • In comparison with most drills, which have a plastic housing, the Weka hand drills are made out of steel and aluminum. This improves the lifetime of the equipment.
  • Weka electric hand drills are environmentally friendly; they consist mainly of steel and aluminum. Plastic is used sparingly. Therefore the machines are recyclable for the most part.
  • De Weka boormotoren voldoen aan Europese veiligheidsrichtlijnen. D
  • The Weka drills  comply with the European safety regulations.
  • It  is possible to both drill horizontally and vertically with this engine.
Description Technical Specification
Nominal power 2000 W – 230 V
Load speed 540 / 1200/ 2520 rpm
Length 420 mm
Weight 6,3 Kg
Tool fixture 1 1/4" + G1/2"
Mounting neck Ø 60 mm
Suitable drill rig KS 13
Drilling Ø approximately 20 - 200 mm