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Weka SR 38

The electric Weka drills are made out of high quality materials. They are especially designed to last for a long time. Most of the time the drills are used by professional companies in Europe, America and even Asia. But even professional handy men use Weka drills.
  • The motor of the SR 38 is based on the principle of the switched reluctance motor (SR = switched reluctance).
  • Through its easy to use control-panel, the desired drilling diameter can be indicated. At the same time the correct drilling speed is determined.
  • The motor temperature is measured and registered at all times. A thermal protective switch will switch off safely when the maximum temperature is exceeded.
  • All the important information about the engine can be viewed on a small display (overheating, the current and also operating hours). 
  • The SR 38 has 18 speed gears. Therefore the drilling speed is easily adjusted.
  • The  SR 38 has an oil pump, this ensures optimal gear lubrication for high efficiency, high durability and less maintenance. The new and highly effective oil pump ensures  optimal lubrication for the first fast step of gear even in vertical operation.
  • The drill has an overload clutch. Whilst drilling, a lot of kinetic energy is created. If, for any reason something goes wrong, all this kinetic energy is released. This clutch protects the user, the drill and the equipment.
  • The SR 38 has a water cooling system. The  water flow is  controlled through the interspace between the motor case and the case sleeve. With this  arrangement the electrical part is completely separated from the water and thus the electrical safety is guaranteed. Therefore it is even possible to drill upside down.
  • In comparison with most drills, which have a plastic housing, the Weka hand drills are made out of steel and aluminum. This improves the lifetime of the equipment.
  • The Weka drills comply with the European safety regulations.
Description Technical Specification
Nominal power 3700 W – 230 V
Load speed (in 18 steps) 180 - 1370 rpm
Rated current 16 A
Length 500 mm
Weight 16,5 kg
Drilling Ø 40 - 400 mm
Tool fixture 1 1/4"