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Wet Cutting Floor Saw-Blade | Asphalt

This diamond-tipped Dialeague Triple Jump Line saw-blade delivers excellent results in all kinds of asphalt. Every 7 segments there is a slanting segment which prevents undercutting of the main blade. We offer multiple sizes of this saw-blade.
Therefore it  can be used for small and big jobsites. It is also available for machines with different power ratings. Please take a look at the chart at the bottom of this page for more information.
Product Code                        Ø Blade  Thickness Ø Shaft HoleRated Power 
DS-FAW120-406/3.2-25.4PH 406 mm 3.2 mm 25.4 mm < 11kW
DS-FAW120-506/3,6-25.4PH 506 mm 3.6 mm 25.4 mm <11kW
DS-FAW220-506/3,6-25.4PH 506 mm 3.6 mm 25.4 mm 15-25kW
DS-FAW220-606/4.0-25.4PH 606 mm 4.0 mm 25.4 mm 15-25kW
DS-FAW320-518/4.0-25.4PH 518 mm 4.0 mm 25.4 mm 25-50kW
DS-FAW320-610/4.4-25.4PH 610 mm 4.4 mm 25.4 mm 25-50kW
DS-FAW320-810/4.4-25.4PH 810 mm 4.4 mm 25.4 mm 25-50kW