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New Diamag Polishing / Grinding Pads

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Diamatic has added a new polishing / grinding line to its wide range of grinding and polishing accessories. 
Diamatic is one of the main distributors of Diamag grinding and polishing tools. Diamag tools fit almost any application. Please visit their website for more information: www.diamag.eu
The Diamag resin-bond dry polishing pads are used after the use of metal-bond diamond tools for floorpolishing. However, in some cases a resin-bond diamond tool can be used as a starting tool on smoothflat floors. To get the best result, you always have to carry out several polishing steps.

All Diamag polishing pads (Ø125, Ø155, Ø185, Ø240mms) have the same colour system, therefore it makes no difference which grinding machine you use, you also need the same colour polishing pad.